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The total area of New York State is 54,471.144 square miles (47,223.839 land and 7,247.305 inland water).

The geographic center of New York State is located in Madison County, approximately 12 miles south of Oneida and 26 miles southwest of Utica.

There are four mountain ranges in New York State: Adirondack, Catskill, Shawangunk and Taconic.

The highest point in New York State is Mount Marcy, Essex County in the Adirondacks - 5,344 feet above sea level.

The Hudson River is 306 miles long, and drains an area of 13,370 square miles. Its average discharge is 21,500 cubic feet per second. The Hudson's most distant source is in Essex County. Lake Tear of the Clouds in Essex County is the highest lake in the State - 4,320 feet above sea level - and is considered the source of the Hudson River.

There are 6,713 natural ponds, lakes and reservoirs of one acre or more, 76 with an area of one square mile or more. There are 1,745 square miles of inland water, including some 4,000 lakes, ponds and reservoirs. Oneida Lake is the largest lake completely within the State. Other prominent lakes are the Finger Lakes, Otsego Lake, Lake George, Lake Placid and Lake Champlain, which is 107 miles long. The State has 70,000 miles of rivers and streams, 127 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, 9,767 miles of shoreline which includes 8,778 miles of lake shoreline, 231 miles of shorefront on Long Island Sound, 548 miles of bayfront in Long Island area and 83 miles of shorefront of islands near Long Island.

There are 10 natural fresh-water lakes of 10 square miles or more; the largest, Lake Champlain in Clinton (Essex County), covers a 490-square-mile area and includes islands that total about 55 square miles.

Lake Erie borders on New York State for an airline distance of 64 miles. Its surface area in the U.S. totals 5,002 square miles.

Lake Ontario forms the northern boundary of New York State for an airline distance of 146 miles, and the area in the U.S. is 3,033 square miles.

At the site of Niagara Falls, the Niagara River spills 40 million gallons of water 180 feet downward each minute across a ragged ledge nearly 2/3 of a mile wide.

The New York State Barge Canal System is the longest internal waterway system in any state (800 miles or 1,280 kilometers) carrying over 2 million tons per year.

New York State has 62 counties, 62 cities, 553 villages and 932 towns.

Taughannock Falls in the Finger Lake region is the highest falls at 215 feet.

New York is a world capital with headquarters of the United Nations in New York City.

The total length of the New York State boundary is 1,430 miles:
* Canadian line / 445 miles
* Vermont line / 171 miles
* Massachusetts line / 50 miles
* Connecticut line to Long Island Sound / 81 miles
* Along the ocean around Long Island to the New Jersey shore / 246 miles
* New Jersey line / 93 miles
* Pennsylvania line / 344 miles to the beginning of the Canadian line in the middle of Lake Erie.
The boundaries are fixed by accepted agreements and are marked by natural watercourses or monuments.
The first railroad in America ran between Albany and Schenectady, a distance of 11 miles.
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